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Quilt Binding Services

Are you looking for a hassle-free way to finish your quilt? Let me take care of it for you by binding your quilt!


Simply send your 2.25" or 2.50" binding strips, and I will do the rest. I will machine-sew the top down and hand-stitch the back, so you will receive a finished quilt that is ready for immediate use or gifting!


To calculate the price, measure each side of your quilt in inches and add the four numbers together. This is the perimeter of the quilt in linear inches. Prices are as follows:

(Measurements are approximate)

  • Baby, Crib, or Throw (up to 200 linear inches) - $15

  • Twin (201 - 250 linear inches) - $25

  • Full (251 - 300 linear inches) - $35

  • Queen (301 - 350 linear inches) - $45

  • King (351 - 425 linear inches) - $55

For quilts over 425 linear inches, there will be an additional fee of $0.06 per linear inch.

If you have any questions or want to schedule a binding service, please email me at

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