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T-Shirt Quilt with Sashing

Transform your cherished t-shirts into a stunning quilt that you will treasure forever! Whether you have as few as nine or as many as 49 t-shirts, I will take your shirts and create a beautiful quilt you will love.

Turn your treasured t-shirts into a treasured quilt! With as little as nine to as many as 49 t-shirt panels, I will take your shirts and create a quilt you will treasure forever!

Number of Shirts/Panels

          9 Shirts          $189

        12 Shirts           $252

        16 Shirts           $336

        20 Shirts          $420

        24 Shirts          $504

        25 Shirts           $525

        30 Shirts          $630

        36 Shirts          $756

        42 Shirts          $882

        49 Shirts          $1029

Once I receive your shirts, I will trim and sew them into a beautiful quilt top using high-quality cotton backing fabric and cotton blend batting. You will be consulted at every step to ensure you are satisfied with the final product. The batting, fabric backing, all-over meandering, and thread are all included in the price. You only need to provide the T-shirts!

As t-shirt sizes vary, the size of the quilt will also vary. For adult shirts, I cut them into 15”x15” squares, while small adult and youth sizes may be cut as small as 12”x12”. If you have any questions about the quilt's size, don't hesitate to ask. Additionally, the quilt will have sashing (the strips of fabric between the shirts) and a border around it.


  • To order your gorgeous t-shirt quilt, print the Quilt Prep Checklist form. This form provides detailed information for you to prepare your t-shirts for shipping.

  • Print and return the Consultation Order form with your t-shirts. If you cannot print, please send a note with your quilt that includes the requested information, contact information, and special instructions.

  • Contact me at to confirm the order and arrange payment.

  • Contact me to arrange drop-off if you are local to the Tulsa Metro area. Otherwise, ship the completed consultation form and t-shirts to Melissa Struttmann, 4800 W Munson Rd, Skiatook, OK 74070. For your protection against theft, I do not recommend using the label “Quilt” anywhere on your package. 


I will call you when your t-shirts arrive and work with you to ensure I create the treasured quilt you want!

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